Food Addiction Help

Do your patients need food addiction help that goes far beyond a prescription for weight loss medication. You can provide the tools patients need to succeed in reaching their weight loss goals when you partner with UnCraveRx. Your prescribed medication, implant, surgery, or laser sculpting referral, along with UnCraveRx, will lead to long-term results that your patients can be proud of. Find out more about our program when you click on ‘Join Our UnCraveRx Provider Team’.

Is Food Addiction Serious?

Unhealthy addictions to food lead to weight gain that can negatively affect health. As a doctor, you understand the association between added weight and health risks, but you also know that making your patients understand weight’s impact on their health can be challenging, to say the least. You can offer your patients an effective tool that will help them stay on track to reach their goals, eliminating the yo-yo effect from diets that only lead to short-term weight loss. UnCraveRx works with all prescription medications and doctor-prescribed weight loss methods.

Why is it So Hard to Keep Weight Off?

Ask your patients and they’ll tell you that with diets and medications, it’s usually relatively easy to take off a few pounds in the beginning stages. What’s more difficult is finding a way to maintain weight loss and keep weight from returning. Most diets ultimately fail because motivation tanks and cravings for unhealthy foods return. Prescribing an anti-craving medicine can help, but it takes more than just a prescription to help patients carry over successes into the long-term. That’s where UnCraveRx comes in. Our program gives patients the tools they need to experience permanent weight loss:

  • 1:1 nutritional coaching
  • Combined with sustained-release anti-craving medications
  • Real food addiction help
  • Lifestyle behavioral support
  • Live and virtual classes, fitness plans, group support, appointments with specialists, and more
  • Unlimited, private instant messaging with our wellness experts
  • Access to the UnCraveRx Food Library
  • Hydration Tracking tools

The Safest Way to Lose Weight

We all know there is the right way to achieve weight loss and a wrong way, which typically includes a crash diet or new fad that restricts calorie intake or eliminates certain food groups in the diet. You can give your patients a safe route to permanent weight loss by becoming an UnCraveRx Provider. Your prescribed method of weight loss, be it an anti-craving medication, implant, or advice for surgery, in conjunction with UnCraveRx, can lead to long-term success.

Why UnCraveRx Works

Patients who see their hard work begin to pay off become more motivated to keep the weight off when they’re given tools that offer more than scientific reasons why they should maintain weight loss. Lifelong goals in weight loss come when patients stay connected to a support group and have access to food addiction help created exclusively around their needs. Find out more about our business to business model that will improve efficiency at your practice and help patients live healthier lives.

Food Addiction Help